The clear ambition of the Bottero Group is to be a leading figure in the glass industry. The concrete and reliable nature of the company has generated with time a mixture of competitive peculiarities in technological innovation, in product performance and in the integration of new products and solutions.

This goal is confirmed by the high number of industrial patents in its possession, by its strong expansion and by the appreciation that the market acknowledges it.


For over 50 years, Bottero are the only company in the world that have been world leaders in every sector of the glass industry: hollow glass, special engineering, flat laminated and monolithic glass.

Bottero offer a wide range of reliable product, thanks to over 50 years of market experience. The result of continuous investment in research and development.

Bottero’s capillary network of sales and assistance allows us to fully meet the needs of our customers and to offer them constant assistance during the whole life of the product.